Video ManagementSWR-VMSB-4

Unlimited Scalability and Integration

Comprehensive Administration & Security

Advanced Video Investigation Tools

Third Party Interoperability

FIPS140-2/DIACAP/RMF Compliant

Full Software Suite

Video Analytics - SWR-IVA-1

People Counting

Vehicle Monitoring

Object Classification

Left/Removed Object Detection

Loitering & Intrusion Detection

Tamper Detection

License Plate Recognition - SWR-LPR

99% Accuracy Rate

0.2 second Recognition Speed

Recognition up to 150 mph

Multi-Language Support

Multi-Lane Support

Advanced Reporting

Face Recognition -  SWR-FR-1 

 Real-time identification

Multiple faces in a single stream

1 million comparisons per second

uses COTS cameras and servers

Event customization

Turnkey or standalone solutio

PSIM -  BeyondPSIM 


Common Operating Platform

500+ Native Interfaces

Total Situational Awareness

Manual and Automated Workflow

Mass Notification and Dispatch

Open Architecture and SDK

Software Development -  DVR-SDK1 


Software Development Kit (SDK)

Application Programming Interface (API)

Demo Source Code

Developer Support

C++ / C#

Custom Application Development